Getting Started

We are easy to work with. This is how things work:

  1. Call us @ (530) 758-8864 for a job #
  2. Send data here. Please label the data with your name, universe name, candidate name and the job #. Upon receipt of the data, we will run it through our system and remove duplicate phone numbers at no charge to you. Then we will e-mail you back the data count and that is what you will pay on.
  3. Record your message(s) by calling into our secure, automated recording studio. You may have a different message for a live person than an answering machine. You may have as many different messages to as many different universes as you wish.
  4. Send Money
  5. We will make the calls exactly to your specifications.
  6. Upon completing the work, we will e-mail you the call results. We will provide you with a summary, a detailed report, and a graph

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